The Sobremesa Family

We are The Sobremesa Family!

We are a family of 6, who live a chaotic life. Who doesn’t? 

We all have places to be and things to do. We all want our family to be happy and healthy.

Our family is your normal family, juggling work and trying to spend as much time as possible with each other.

However half of us have either ADHD or Dyspraxia! (2 of us have Both)

And this makes things a bit more interesting. 




What does “Sobremesa” mean? Sobremesa is a Spanish word that doesn’t really translate well into English, but it is the time after a heavy dinner you relax at the table with friends and family and spend time together.

Dinner time

We are not Spanish. We are English with family roots to Greece, Ireland, Wales and Gibraltar. But we have spent plenty of time in Spain and the Spanish islands where we have fallen in love with the culture, the cuisine and the history.

We try and sit and eat as a family when we can. Due to our full schedules, we don’t get the opportunity to do this every night, but Sundays are the one day that we definitely make sure we do.

Now What Is This Blog About And Why?


We wanted to start this blog to share our life. To share our struggles, share good things and to share some advice and tips for anyone else who is going through the same things.

We are also obsessed with food (cooking and eating), we love travelling and seeing and learning new things. In 2019 we found out that Rhys (like J) was gifted with ADHD which makes our family life very interesting!

Who Are We?


J at one of his favourite places to be – the beach

Dad – J is an Engineer, Gymnastics coach, Football coach and DJ. It was my idea to start this blog. I have wanted to start it for years, but like lots of things I have put it off. Having grown up with Dyspraxia and ADHD. I have had MANY interests and hobbies over the years. But my true loves are Music, writing and cooking. Spending time and doing things with my family is a given. As they are my whole world.

Having struggled with my mental health for a long time, I have found that becoming a father and husband gives me a real focus in life.

My family is my entire life, but being the “perfect” husband, father, employee is a bit of a struggle sometimes. 

For a very long time, I tried to hide my ADHD, Dyspraxia and other mental health issues, I was ashamed. I mastered what I call “The game of masks” (stolen from The Game of Thrones). I became very good at hiding my real emotions and being what I was expected to be.

But very recently that stopped. I am no longer pretending to be someone else. I am going to be my real self. 


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Rhys will always make you smile if you need to!


Son number 2 – Rhys (12) is a budding chef who has started to get the obsessive bug! He loves to help out in the kitchen and also bake.

Rhys is also gifted with ADHD. He is at an age where he’s still working himself out and hasn’t quite figured out that everyone is unique and his personal traits are just who he is.

Rhys is a character, he is forever making someone laugh or getting himself into a bit of trouble! 

Not everyone always gets to see the side of Rhys that we see. Rhys is struggling at school at the moment. 

But he knows that he has our full support and love.

His interests are, Trampolining, Football and drawing.

Rhys dream is to become a Chef.

Our eldest Tyler

Son 1 – Tyler (14) is also captivated with the world of food but is also a budding creative writer. 

Tyler is now a teenager, and don’t we just know it!

Tyler is a fantastic older brother, and he is very patient when his brother or sister are having a meltdown!

His interests are Trampolining and football. Tyler’s dream is to make the Olympics just like his uncle.

Ivy-May loves her food!

Daughter – Ivy-May (7) loves trying new food and learning about history and culture. She is a right madam!

Ivy-May has Dyspraxia and is only recently being referred for ADHD diagnosis. 

As Ivy-May is our youngest child, we were over the moon that we finally got to have a little girl after 3 boys.

It did shake things up a little bit tho!

Her interests are Trampolining, writing, dancing, playing with her toys, watching videos on youtube and eating nice food.

Ivy-Mays dream is to meet Justin Bieber(?) and to make delicious food.


Son 3 – Jayden (11) is our family fussy eater (we all have one), he constantly states his dislike of anything that comes out of the water and certain vegetables. Jayden has made our life very intriguing over the years, to say Jayden is accident-prone is an understatement!

Growing up Jayden was forever running into things or falling over. Being very clumsy we were worried that he could have Dyspraxia. But as the years went on it became very clear that he did not have it.

Jaydens hobbies are, Football, Trampolining, Tumbling and winding up his brothers and sister.

And Jayden’s dream is to be Cristiano Ronaldo!

Clair just chilling

And Mum – Clair who loves eating delicious food just as long as she doesn’t have to cook it!

Clair really does deserve a medal for everything she has to put up with!

Having a husband who has ADHD and Dyspraxia can’t be very easy.

And then going on to have children who are going through the same struggles, is a real test of her character.

Also dashing around after all of us, dealing with my meltdowns and while having a full-time job.

When we met we hit it off straight away.

We had a lot in common, we both loved 60’s & 70’s music, both loved retro things and both were at professional football academies. 

And that was the beginning of our life together, unfortunately, our football careers have come to an end.

Clair is studying to become a councillor to help children with behaviour issues. She is also a Trampoline coach.

Clair’s hobbies are, Trampolining, watching our children play football and being a mum!


We hope that you enjoy reading our blog.

We hope that you find it useful and also get to know us.

Please get in contact and share your stories with us, we love hearing from you all.


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