How To Get Your ADHD Child To School

How To Get Your ADHD Child To School

How Do We Get Our ADHD Child To School On Time?

If anyone has a child with ADHD, you may know exactly what i mean.

Mornings are very chaotic in our house. With all this chaos, how do we make sure our ADHD child gets to school on time?

As I’m sitting here writing this I have my 12-year-old ADHD child Rhys making silly noises, jumping up and down on the sofa and popping a crisp packet.

This amount of hyperactivity is normal for Rhys.

He has now annoyed the other 3 kids and they are shouting and screaming at him. He now can’t cope with all the noise and has he’s fingers in his ears shaking his head aggressively. 

This is just a normal day in our household!

I hope some of you can relate to this, because I know we are not alone. 

Throughout the day with he’s difficult behaviours and outbursts I feel like I can’t cope and start questioning our parenting.

We have tried many strategies to help him with his morning routines and help with he’s organisation, to give him a positive start to his school day. 

Here are a few tips that have worked for us. And could work for other kids with ADHD.


Evening Before

We make sure he has his bag packed with homework complete and school uniform ready.

This may seem like a very simple task for many children, which would only take 5 minutes to do.

But with a child with ADHD, this could take a little longer. On some occasions, this has taken up to an hour to complete.

Rhys has all good intention to complete the task, he will start the task and then will get distracted by the silliest thing.

For example, he will find a piece of paper on the side and will just start playing with it.

When asked to carry on with a task he will say “sorry I forgot about that”.

I feel I can not get anything done until he has done the job. As I have to keep him focused, the minute I go and deal with the other children he would lose focus and will be distracted by something else. 



Wake Him Up 20mins Before The Other Children


We find waking him up calmly with a gentle voice gives him the best start to the day. Being up before the other kids we find it gives him that little extra time to start stimulating he’s brain before the house becomes busy and hectic.

Which gives us the best chance to get him to school in the right mood.


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Give Him A Check List

We once had a visual timetable for him, with step by step tasks for the day. But as he has got older he didn’t want this, we now have a list of his jobs on the coffee table, in the order, we would like him to do them.

We find that him being able to see what he has to do works.

If he doesn’t use this he seems not to cope as he feels that he has too much to do. He doesn’t know where to begin, and this could trigger him to “get bubbly”.

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Ready To Walk Out Of The Door 5 Mins Early

I always make sure he is sitting on the sofa with his shoes, coat and bag on 5 minutes before I plan to leave. This helps me do my last little bits around the house without having to worry about Rhys. 

We still have our bad mornings with him. Where some things may upset him, but it isn’t every morning now.

So being a full-time working mum to a child with ADHD can be very challenging and hard work, some days I feel as though I have done a days work before I have left the house!

I also have the worry of what other people think of him and me as a parent when we go out as his behaviour is different from other children and he is very sensory seeking.

I wouldn’t change him for the world! His personality is amazing and can be very funny.

It can be a very tiring job, but how we cope as a family makes me proud. 

This is our way of getting our ADHD child to school on time. Do you have other ways or things you do?

If you have a child with ADHD and would like some more advice, check out youngminds website.

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If so please let us know.

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