Do You Think That Kids Should Do Chores?

Do You Think That Kids Should Do Chores?

Should kids do chores?

This is a subject of debate from lots of parents.

Some would argue that kids are kids and they should spend their time playing and just generally being kids. Not worrying about doing jobs around the house. And their parents should wait on them, as we are the parents.


Then some would say that kids need to learn to pull their weight and understand that things need doing to keep the home running smoothly.

What do you think? 


Do We Make Our Kids Do Chores?


Personally, I am a bit both sides.

My parents separated when I was in my teens, so living with my dad I had to muck in with the jobs around the house.

I didn’t have to do anything too strenuous, just washing up after myself, a bit of hoovering and making sure things were put away. I didn’t want my dad to come home after a day at work and stress out about things.

That’s where my love for cooking started. 

Now I am married and have my own children, I do what all husbands do, I help.

Did having to do this when I was younger make it easier?

I don’t know.

But having a teenage son, a soon to be teenage son and two younger children. I want them to grow up to be independent.

I want my sons to know that if they get married, they need to carry out tasks around the house and not to rely on their wives to do it all.

So we encourage them to do certain chores.


Tidy Up After Themselves 


“Put that one away before you get another one out”.

This is my daughter. 

If she had her way there would be every toy and game outspread all over the floor.

So we encourage her to put things away when she has finished with it.

Which she does most of the time.

One of my pet hates is going to the fridge or cupboard and finding empty packets, where they have taken the last one and left the packet.

Also, empty packets and used plates left on the side.

A little reminder of putting your rubbish in the bin, and when you have finished with a plate or cup, please put it in the dishwasher.


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Have you ever looked under a 14-year-olds bed?

Let’s just say it is a sight!

“Out of sight, out of mind” comes to my head.

We got to a point where as soon as they took their clothes off, they went on the floor.

When they were looking for clothes to wear, clean clothes would be chucked on the floor too.

Then when it was time for clothes to be washed, all of them would be picked up and washed.


Now each bedroom has a clothes basket. When they have finished with something they put it into the clothes basket.

And when the basket becomes full, it goes downstairs to be washed.

By doing this it keeps them off the floor firstly.

It also gives them a bit of responsibility for making sure their clothes go to the washing machine and not left on the floor.

It also saves their mum or dad having to pick up 4 kids piles of clothes off of the floor.


Making Their Bed


This is a job that some of our kids naturally did.

But some didn’t.

We ask them to make their beds in the morning during the week.

Just make sure the duvet is in the cover properly, and throw it over and sort their pillows out.

And at the weekends to take their sheets off to be washed.

Then all 4 lots can be done and is quite easier.

And later on, we will put clean ones on. As it tends to be quicker!


Other Jobs


Throughout the week there may be odd little things, like help to put clean clothes away, an odd bit of hoovering.

The boys are in secondary school, where they have to wear shoes. With the weather like it has been lately, I ask them to give their shoes a wipe, and I will polish them.

This has become a bit of fun, as the boys help out, and I have gradually taught them how to polish their shoes.

But I do supervise as it will end up in a war, and lots of mess!




I know I said I agree with both sides of the argument whether kids should do chores.

And it may seem that I ask a lot from my kids.

I don’t have a list of chores for them to do.

There is no chart.

All we ask is for them to do these little jobs. In my opinion, it’s encouraging them to tidy up after themselves and start to become more independent.

I don’t stop them from doing things that they want to do because their chores haven’t been done.

But I explain to them, that both their mum and dad work 2 jobs, and when we are not working or driving them around to all of their activities, we want to spend as much time with them as possible.

So if we all chip in and do our best that allows us to do this.


Do you agree?

What chores do your kids do?

We love to hear your opinions and stories so please feel free to comment or message us.



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