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Noche Buena



Noche Buena Is Christmas, Family, Food, Drink and Good times!



We absolutely love Christmas, don’t you?  It’s a magical time, all the Christmas decorations out, all the lovely Christmas food, snowballs and family. 

Christmas time is a bit extra special for us as Ivy-Mays birthday is Christmas eve! We always have a full house on Christmas eve, family and friends with their children during the day, and some friends in the evening for a few beers at the bar.

A Sobremesa Family gathering wouldn’t be the same without some food and music! This year we will be having less of an evening “party” and more of a family occasion.

For me at Christmas time I always find myself saying “This year has gone very quick”. And I like to think over the year and remember the good things that have happened, but also think about the not so good things.

This year as we have family (Clair’s mum & Dad and Clair’s brother and sister-in-law and nephew) coming round in the evening for a meal. I am going to put something together that resembles a Noche Buena meal.

Ok, What Is Noche Buena?

Now I am in love with Mediterranean culture. Mainly Spanish, as I have spent a lot of my life around Spain and certain Spanish Islands, I have met plenty of Spanish people and love it!

Like the rest of the world Christmas (Navidad) is a big thing in Spain. But from what I know Noche Buena is a big thing for families.

Noche Buena simply translates into “The Good Night”. And that is exactly what it is, family together for a traditional family meal.

Noche Buena isn’t just celebrated in Spain, it is also celebrated throughout Latin America and The Philippines. In Spain, the feast is traditionally made up of several courses.

Traditionally the feast is broken down into courses.

  • The first dish is either a Fish dish or Tapas style bites.

  • The second dish is a soup dish

  • The 3rd dish is traditionally a meat dish, consisting of either lamb or a roasted pig.

  • Then finished off with desserts, It is very common to include Turron.

Isn’t That A Lot Of Cooking?

To feed 10 people and a 1-year-old is going to be a bit of a chore! But with J being a very keen and competent cook and several helpers it should be fine.

It will involve a lot of planning and organising. But shall be a lot of fun.

But What Are You Going To Cook?

We plan to serve several dishes, starting with my absolute favourite way to eat with a Tapas style selection.  I am going to purchase a Jamon again this year, I will keep you all up to date!

Everything else is still in the “planning stage”. We will update you all in this Noche Buena mini-series.

Please feel free to contact us on the sheet below with any comments or requests.

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