The Sobremesa – Our Week *Half-Term*

The Sobremesa – Our Week *Half-Term*

Keeping to our name, on Sundays we like to have a Sobremesa. Where we sit for a while after our dinner, clean up and then sit and catch up.

We end up discussing a range of topics, it could be, school, sports, our plans for the coming week and some times some random stuff!

We would do this every night if we could but due to work and kids sporting activities we hardly get to eat together at a decent time. 

So, it’s only on Sundays where we get the opportunity to sit and eat together at a time where we don’t have to rush. Where we can just enjoy each others company.

As we are The Sobremesa family, and you are part of our family, I want to share what we have been up to this week.

Even though we are always busy, not all of our weeks are exciting.



The Sobremesa



Once again half-term is upon us, and the kids are off school again!

When the kids are off school it again brings our biggest problem with school holidays.

How to stop the kids being bored!

I think it is normal for kids to be bored at some point. We encourage our kids to find things to do and try and entertain themselves.

I always say to them, to try and learn something every day.

Especially the older boys, if they had their own way, they would spend all day on the PlayStation.

This has been a big issue in the past.

Where they will lie about having homework to do, so they could go on it.

They have got a lot better now. With us coming up with a schedule allowing them time for computers on certain days when they have done what they need to do, being homework or jobs helping us.

This week has been very tough for me.

The news broke last Saturday that Caroline Flack had taken her own life.

I wouldn’t say I was a fan of hers, Clair watches love island and loves it.

But suicide has had a huge impact on my life.

And the news has been everywhere. Especially at the beginning of the week, I would wake up and it is the first thing I would see/hear on the news, and then all of the memories would come back to me. Then I would be thinking a lot of sad thoughts throughout the day.

The kids were all aware as well, which brought some questions up about suicide.

That is a difficult conversation to have with kids. But I wanted to make sure that they knew about it from us, as we have no control over what they hear at school.





The weather has been dreadful again, meaning that the boy’s football training and matches have been touch and go.

Two of the boys had matches today, which made them very happy.

They have done plenty of football this week though, spending all day Monday at their school’s football facility.

They have also had a busy week with their gymnastics, preparing for the upcoming competitions.

Jayden has British Championships qualifiers next month, which is keeping him busy preparing for it.

Rhys has also started back Boxing this week. Which he absolutely loves. I find it is a perfect sport for him.

Boxing gets a lot of bad press, that it encourages violence etc.

I totally disagree, Rhys goes to a proper boxing gym, with proper coaches (ex-pros, and even a friend of mine who is a former world champion!).

It is great fitness training, he is 1-on-1 with a coach and enforces great discipline. Which is exactly what Rhys needs.




Ivy-May went to a pottery centre this week. Thanks to Aunty Janet who organised it for her.

This was great for Ivy-May as she loves arts and crafts. She is always drawing or colouring something in. Ever since she found out she was going, she has been very excited.

And it was a great opportunity for Ivy-May and Clair to spend some time together.

As with having the four kids, we find it very easy to get caught up in other stuff, and not giving them the 1-on-1 attention that they need.

As you can see in the picture, Ivy-May got to make a few things, and then paint and decorate them.


Mental Health



As I said previously this week has been quite tough for myself.

I don’t want to make this Sobremesa series into a rant about mental health, but I do want to highlight the importance of understanding and caring.

We had a conversation with the kids about kindness, and that words can hurt.

We told them that people deal with emotions differently.

The world we live in now, it is so easy to make comments or say hateful things behind a disguise on social media.

And not thinking about the effects it can have on the person that is receiving them.

We have young people growing up, that are fixated with social media, that isn’t going to change.

They see pictures of beautiful, happy, successful people and it can cause issues.

It isn’t right. That’s why I really try my hardest to make sure my kids understand that what they see on social media isn’t always true.

And just be nice.

Too many people are finding themselves in the dark pit of depression, where they can’t see a way out. 

Something has to be done, but if we can start by just being kind, it will make a change.

Just like my Nan used to say “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything”.


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