The Sobremesa – Our Week *Storms*

The Sobremesa – Our Week *Storms*

Keeping to our name, on Sundays we like to have a Sobremesa. Where we sit for a while after our dinner, clean up and then sit and catch up.

We end up discussing a range of topics, it could be, school, sports, our plans for the coming week and some times some random stuff!

We would do this every night if we could but due to work and kids sporting activities we hardly get to eat together at a decent time. 

So, it’s only on Sundays where we get the opportunity to sit and eat together at a time where we don’t have to rush. Where we can just enjoy each others company.

As we are The Sobremesa family, and you are part of our family, I want to share what we have been up to this week.

Even though we are always busy, not all of our weeks are exciting.

This is the first Sunday Sobremesa post in the series, and we will update every Sunday.


The Sobremesa 


I’ve wanted to start this series of posts, where we round up our week since I had the idea of starting this blog.

We are a normal family of 6, we all live busy lives, both me and Clair work 2 jobs, have a budget to live in from week to week, just the normal stuff that families do to exist.

As you all know from our posts, our family is affected by ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety and Depression.

And I do love writing about them, as they are a huge part of our lives, and are spoken about all of the time and affect everything we do.

And if by us sharing some things we have learnt we could help anyone else going through it, that would mean the world to us.

But we do also want to share what else we get up to.

As we are now in February the weather is still grim. The kids Gymnastic competition season has now started. Which means plenty of travelling up and down the country!

This week has been rather slow with activities, as it has really just been work, school and training.

But it is now half-term for the kids, which they are very excited about. Which has brought up conversations about what they are going to be doing.

As Clair is off work for the week too, they will be an odd trip out.

We also had to answer some questions about the recent news of the corona virus. As it is constantly on the news.

Ivy-May is very concerned about it and worried she will catch it. After a chat about hygiene and reminding her about washing hands etc, she was ok and then moved onto something else.


GSCE Options Evening

We had to go into Rhys school this week, to attend the GSCE options evening talk. Both me and Clair were quite anxious about this, but for different reasons.

My reason was, I went to that same school, and it held nothing but mad memories for me.

Every time I have to go there I get a lot of flashbacks and get very anxious.

But for Clair, it’s because of Rhys’ behaviours and how the teachers always want to discuss this with us.

Clair had every right to be worried. Rhys struggled in this environment and became very restless and nervous. He just wanted to go home and didn’t listen to anything that teachers were saying to him.

Once we got home he had calmed down, and we had a chat with him about how we all could manage that situation differently next time.

Its been a tough week of school for Rhys this week.

We had 2 calls home from he’s science teacher.

One was for being distracted and making silly noises, which he got a 30-minute detention for.

And the second was for forgetting his homework.

I will be publishing a post very soon about ADHD and school, and if it is a good environment for kids with ADHD.


Wow, if you live in the UK, you might be aware that storm Ciara came for a visit.

And boy didn’t she cause a bit of a disturbance?

All the boys’ football was cancelled, Vinny the dog didn’t want to go out and we have developed a leak in our backroom roof!

Around our area loads of fence panels got blown around and dust bins blew into the road.

Now she has gone, storm Dennis has turned up! And he has been worse! Causing us to be indoors for the whole day today, which has been rather tiresome with 4 bored kids!



Half term is now upon us, and it only feels like the kids have only just gone back to school after the Christmas break!

I am unable to have time off with them due to my work, but luckily Clair is off with them. Which is very helpful as we don’t have to worry about childcare any more.

Due to the time of year and the weather, we haven’t got too much planned. No doubt the boys will be off to play lots of football, and I’m sure Clair and Ivy-May will be doing some form of arts & craft.


This has been our week, it really hasn’t been an exciting week this week. It has been fairly busy with the usual family stuff, with all the stresses and worries that goes with it.

We hope you have enjoyed reading, and we will keep you updated with our weekly Sobremesa.

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